Wednesday, January 28, 2015

From Gleaning, to Grooming, to Glowing....

Dear Sister, 

I am honored that you request to learn from me. As I delay not to teach, here is my first lesson...  To begin with, rather than depending on friends or even books from which to glean, go directly to the ONE and only perfect Teacher. Open your Bible, ask God to reveal who He is, and then read for one purpose only, read to Know Him.  As you have thoughts and insights during your reading, write them down and date them. When your cup is filled and "runneth over", may you be the one from whom others seek to learn. I will be the first in line.

Here is my second lesson... There is one way to strengthen a feeble prayer life.  That one and only way is to pray. The Lord can not strengthen something that does not exist. A new creature in Christ who prays Scripture meditatively (filtered through one's heart),and reads/meditates on God's word, will be strengthen in their prayer life with motivation and encouragement and power by the Holy Ghost.

I will also look forward to getting splashed when your cup runs over, as you learn from HIM.  

Brenda Rydberg
Tea Time with Jesus
January 28,2015

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